Breaking Bad Cross-Stitch Pattern

Posted: July 17, 2012
Breaking Bad Cross Stitch Pattern
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Well here's your answer: No. Not even the country bumpkin flowers and granny pastels of a cross-stitch sampler can make Walter White look any less badass. Breaking Bad's chemistry teacher/meth brewer extraordinaire makes his arts & crafts fair debut courtesy of Etsy vendor Steotch's Kiss the Cook pattern. Steotch emphasizes that they are selling a pattern, not the finished product, and that stitching Herr Heisenberg framed by a precious pink tulip border is a challenging undertaking recommended only for highly experienced cross-stitchers.

Kiss the Cook patterns consist of 12 pages of complex charts and instructions, delivered as a PDF within 24 hours of purchase. The pattern should be stitched on 16-count Aida fabric, and requires 33 unique thread colors, plus multiple advanced stitching techniques. So basically, reconstructing Walter's Kiss the Cook sampler demands about the same levels of expertise and precision as concocting Heisenberg & Pinkman quality meth.

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