Big Wooly Balls Rugs

Posted: March 31, 2013
Bumpy Rugs
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And I thought the giant grizzly bear hide would be the most wondrous piece of ursine-themed home decor I saw all week. This rug from Berlin textile firm MYK, though, isn't just big and bear-y, it's made out of fun wooly balls that kind of remind me of this guy at my gym whose body is covered--covered!--in benign skin growths of varying sizes, except the bear is nice to look at and I would be willing to touch it. I'm afraid I can't say either of those things about the guy.

Joining the black growler in the world of wooly balls carpet composition are a snow leopard and a pair of multi-colored and white round area rugs. Each is meticulously assembled from 700 to 1,200 handmade, 100% wool felt pompons measuring between 2" and 6" high. Anyone who lies on one of them will definitely lose all pocket change to the crevices between the balls, and I wouldn't be surprised if future cleanings dumped out watches, remote controls, an undergarment or two, and several mysteriously drained jars of honey.

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