Baseball Bat American Flag

Posted: July 03, 2018
Baseball Bat American Flag
$90 - $320
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Banner Bats' Baseball Bat American Flags are Old Glory glorious! They're like America's favorite pastime meets America's favorite image to print on T-shirts, bandanas, and swim trunks.

The bats are partially stained, with portions also hand stenciled, and then stacked to depict a nifty representation of both the stars and stripes and Major League Baseball. Banner Bats sells the flag decor in 3 different sizes. The smallest uses thirteen, 18" bats and measures 19" x 13". Get a little bigger with 30" bats, or full-on patriot with 37 inchers, the latter expanding 38.5" across and 20" up and down on the wall you hang it on.

All of the Baseball Bat American Flags are made with bats that have been halved vertically so the piece sits flat against the wall. They come ready to hang with a single screw / nail.

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