Bag of Chips Pillows

Posted: July 14, 2023
Bag of Chips Pillows
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These handmade designs from Funny Bonny Store are all that and a bag of...pillow. Ready to turn all who own them into real couch potato...chips. Lays, Cheetos, Doritos, it's the best of crunchy snacks meets the best of cozy naps in this collection of Bag of Chips Pillows.

The soft, fiber-stuffed pillows are printed in vivid color on both sides to reflect the exact images and text on their corresponding potato chip bags. Choose from classic, Cool Ranch, Spicy Sweet Chili, and Flamin' Hot Doritos, classic and Barbecue Lay's, and classic Cheetos. Or get the whole set and turn your living room into a calorie-free version of the best aisle at the supermarket.

Bag of Chips Pillows measure 13.78" long x 7.87" wide.

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