Backflow Incense Burners

Posted: January 22, 2017
Backflow Incense Burners
$25 - $299
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OK, She-Ra: Princess of Power, I will get you a cascading waterfall of burning incense for Valentine's Day if you promise not to use the thing as a cauldron and Double, double toil and trouble a hex on me when you find I opted out of putting an engagement ring in it. Come on. Unwrapping one out of two heavily dropped gift hints isn't so bad!

Backflow incense burners are ceramic designs that hold an incense cone (rather than a stick) at their peak. When lit the cones release smoke that kind of billows and hovers along burner channels or near its output point. The effect can be dreamy as a fountain, mysterious as a castle tower in the mist, eerie as a ominous wizard, or comforting as a pot of tea.

At printing, backflow incense burners were available in a variety of styles and from a few different sellers on Amazon. The price is right on all of them, but burner quality may be questionable. If you think your Valentine merits a higher end rolling river of smoke, check out this extensive collection from Buddha Trends.

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