Ayumi Shibata Paper Cutout Sculptures

Posted: February 23, 2022
Ayumi Shibata Paper Cutout Sculptures

I'm calling Ayumi Shibata's paper cutouts sculpture, but it would be more accurate to say what the Japanese master of kirigami creates is paper cutout worlds. I don't think I've been so in awe of the effects of sharp blades on wood pulp since my first grade teacher taught me how to make a turkey from my own handprint!

While I believe kirigami technically entails folding and making cuts in a single piece of paper, Shibata brings her sweeping landscapes to life using many layers of paper. Some of her fairytale pieces fit in the palm of your hand - or the bottom of a tea kettle - while others are life-size installations you can walk through and feel fully immersed in.

In addition to the physical layers of paper, Shibata builds additional layers of depth in her cutouts with the addition of light, and in turn shadow and movement, to her finished pieces.

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