Ancient Greek Star Wars Prints

Posted: November 07, 2015
Ancient Greek Star Wars Prints
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Travis Durden is the dude behind these glorious mashups, ancient Greek sculptures-turned-prints of our favorite Star Wars characters. A mashup himself, the French "Durden" is actually no Durden at all. He keeps his real identity a secret and goes by the pseudonym, which is a combination of characters from his two favorite cult films (Durden obviously Tyler Durden from Fight Club, and I'm guessing Travis is Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, which makes me wonder a little about TD's mental health.)

Durden deems antiquity his primary skill as an artist, though his infatuation with pop culture often bleeds into his work. The above pieces from his "Expo Strikes Back" series are prime examples and, in my opinion, should earn Durden an exhibit at the Louvre. Or at least San Diego Comic-Con. He introduces the following men from a galaxy far, far away to a time long, long ago:

  • Darth Resurrection
  • Gladiator Boba
  • General Niobides
  • Storm Reader
  • Yodea Angel

Prints are available in 20 x 30 cm, 30 x 42 cm, and 60 x 90 cm sizes. They are sold framed, as a boxed set, or in a plexiglass collage.

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