A Christmas Story Village

Posted: December 05, 2017
A Christmas Story Village
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The Christmas Story Village collection shrinks snapshots of the highs and lows of Ralphie Parker and his family's life so that this holiday season, you can bring them a little closer to your own. From Ralphie's bunny suit to his visit with Santa at Higbee's, the decked out Parker home to The Old Man's prized leg lamp, the icons of small-town Indiana are ready to take their place along your mantel.

A Christmas Story Village pieces are handpainted and handcrafted. From resin, so they're probably a little less fra-gee-lay than a leg lamp. And most likely not made in Italy.

Additional miniatures in the collection include Ralphie's poor ol' friend Flick's lick of the flagpole, The Parker family car loaded up with the Christmas tree, Cleveland Elementary School, the Joke Shop, and Cousin Eddie emptying out the shitter in the front yard.

Oh wait, that last from is from the other emblem of American Christmas pop culture: the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Village.

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