6-Foot Spider-Man/X-Men Room Divider

Posted: June 09, 2013
6-Foot Spider-Man/X-Men Room Divider
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It's two-faced! Coincidence, or Marvel sending a subverted message to competitor DC in the form of a room divider? Yeah, I think so too. Shit's getting real here.

One side of the 6' long-and-strong room divider depicts an authentic comic book cover from Classic X-Men, while the other shows a sweet front page of The Amazing Spider-Man. I'd buy it if it cost "Stilly Only 25c" like the Spidey scene advertises.

The double-side room divider is produced using professional digital print technology on art quality canvas mounted to mitered wood frames. Its double hinging mechanism allows the panels to bend both ways, which conjures nice images of other things in my head.

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