3D Door Wraps

Posted: June 17, 2016
3D Door Wraps
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What's behind Door #3? Who cares? I'm more interested in the gateway to Renaissance Italy that's in front of it. You can keep your endless cascade of entryways over rickety wood floors though, Windowpix. That American Horror Story cue-the-eerie-music BS creeps me out.

Windowpix makes dozens of these 3D Door Murals, giant stickers of idyllic scenes, famous places, and optical illusions that adhere to, and then pop! out of your chosen point of open sesame. The murals are made of tear-proof, stretchy cotton canvas, with a film backing that tears off for door application. Windowpix says the images are easy to install and remove; you won't need wall liners or primers, and the murals should retain their shape and stick on smoothly every time, "even when handled poorly." Peel-off removal won't leave remnants or marks on your door, and you can even reapply the stickers to a different location.

3D Door Murals come in 3 sizes: 30" x 80"; 32" x 80"; and 36" x 80".

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