The ZappBug Bed Bug Oven

Posted: June 03, 2019
The ZappBug Bed Bug Oven
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Bed bug rhubarb pie, anyone? What? What else would you cook in a ZappBug bed bug oven besides delicious bed bug pastries and cuisine?

Yeah, yeah, I know the ZappBug Oven is for killing off the blood-sucking insects so they don't infest, or continue to infest, your home. Just trying to make light of a sucky situation, and the only thing I can think of more revolting than sleeping with bed bugs is eating a pie made with them.

From what I've read, bed bugs have made a big time comeback worldwide. And since they love them some human blood meals, and are attracted to anything human-scented, if they are around they are super easy to pick up in suitcases during travels, or in personal items left dormant during work or at the gym. Getting bed bugs isn't a hygiene thing - they will latch on to anyone, anywhere, regardless of how clean / dirty you are - but if you don't catch and deal with them early, they can create hygiene and health issues for you. Plus generally upend your life for the time it takes to get rid of them.

I don't consider the ZappBug Oven (shown in version 2.0 here) to be a singular solution for any major bed bug infestation, especially since most of them do start in your bed, where you lie in prime feed-off-me position for many hours of the night. No mattress or wooden bed frame (their favorite!) is going to fit inside the ZappBug. But the oven is a fine option for treating smaller items, such as suitcases, bags, and small electronics you think may have been exposed to bed bugs. If I had one of these bug cookers, I'd put my suitcase in it as a preventative step every time I came home from the airport.

The ZappBug heats its contents to between 120 and 155 degrees F. The first number is the temperature at which bed bugs start to cook and die off, and ZappBug says the full range is safe for most belongings you would put inside. You don't need any toxic chemicals or pre-treatments to get results with the ZappBug. In fact, you can also use your clothes dryer to kill off bed bugs, as it generally heats to temps between 125 and 135 degrees F. Obviously you're more limited to what you can fit, and afford to have tumbling around, inside there, but it's a good option for bedding, pillows, and clothing you're concerned about.

For those in hot weather climates who are either concerned about bed bugs in their car, or want to heat up additional items, you can also leave your vehicle somewhere in the hot noonday sun with the windows up, and internal temperatures should reach the 120+ benchmark.

The ZappBug Oven 2 says it will kill 100% of bed bugs locked inside it, including eggs, nymphs, and adults. The setup comes with a timer to auto shutoff when the treatment cycle concludes, and a wireless digital thermometer so you can see the temperature inside.

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