The Super Shaver Soap Saver

Posted: January 15, 2014
The Super Shaver Soap Saver

August 2014 Update: Having received multiple emails from Dude readers noting that they ordered, and paid for, the Super Shaver Soap Saver months ago and have neither never received their product, nor an explanation for the delay from the company that makes it, we are listing it as Discontinued and removing the link to its purchase page.

Nathalie Staempfli previously impressed me with her Soap Flakes idea and prototype. But the idea and prototype never materialized into a hygienic apparatus purchasable and mounted above my bathroom sink, so I kind of forgot about it. Then I saw Thomas Heim's Super Shaver Soap Saver, tongue-twistered down to S4.

Like Soap Flakes the S4 is an oblong box that holds a bar of soap against an internal blade. Pushing the box's handle scrapes blade along soap and razes off bits of it into underlying hands for use in washing up or throwing over shoulders to ward off evil spirits. Cool, huh? And unlike Soap Flakes S4 is actually in existence and ready for purchase. It even comes in pink, ladies. Or your choice of 7 other colors, non-ladies.

S4 boosts bathroom and kitchen sanitation by removing all human contact with the soap itself once bars are inserted. It also eliminates the slimy patina bar soap acquires and leaches onto its handler during normal use. The S4 enclosure is made of aircraft aluminum that Heim says should last a lifetime. He's willing to warranty it for a year.

No batteries are required for use, just a modicum of elbow grease to depress the shaver's dispenser bar. And if you're into the environment and stuff, you'll note that using an S4 saves landfills and oceans and outer space from discarded plastic liquid soap bottles.

Super Shaver Soap Savers come with 2 mounting choices: double-sided tape and screws. Their body dimensions are 5" high x 3-3/16" wide x 3-1/2" deep. All are made in the US by Heim Engineering.

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