SWASH 10-Minute Clothing Refresher

Posted: August 20, 2014
SWASH 10-Minute Clothing Refresher
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SWASH knows that just because I wear my button-up to happy hour at Rosita's haven of deep-fried Mexican everything, and then dinner at Taste of India doesn't mean it's actually soiled to the point of shelling out for dry cleaning. It just reeks of corn oil and madras curry. The SWASH clothing refresher is an in-home care system that de-wrinkles, restores, and eliminates odors that have permeated garments without the need for a complete wash or servicing. In around 10 minutes SWASH can spruce up worn but essentially still clean items without getting them wet and without roughhousing them up in a spinner or tumbler.

The express clothing care system uses SWASH PODS, small cups of freshener that insert at the top of the machine and distribute over the garment as a fine mist. Upon pushing the "Start" button, the PODS help remove light wrinkles and neutralizes odors during the 10-minute cycle. SWASH PODS also claim to be able to penetrate clothing fibers such that their pre-wear fit returns without unwanted side effects, such as shrinkage or color fading.

In building elements of dry cleaning, steaming, and ironing into a compact, easily-stored device, SWASH intends to save users time and money on both direct laundry costs and, by extending their wearable life, clothes themselves. The SWASH system plugs into a standard wall outlet. Its slide-out door accommodates a single garment on a hanger.

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