Sploofy Personal Smoke Filter

Posted: April 04, 2016
Sploofy Personal Smoke Filter

Despite its cartoonish name and whimsical look, Sploofy is no fun-loving household appliance. This cleaning overlord is here to suck and lock your smoke and its odors inside an inescapable dungeon of HEPA air filters. No batteries required.

Sploofy serves as a personal filter for the exhalations of those who want to smoke indoors without compromising the room's air quality and leaving lingering smells. So, yeah, mostly for people trying to sneak a cig or joint behind someone's back. The handheld device also comes in handy in the car.

Sploofy uses a two-stage HEPA filter to capture over 99% of smoke particles, and an activated carbon insert to neutralize odors. It comes with a mouthpiece adapter and replaceable filter cartridge, the latter of which can last for up to 300 uses.

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