Paperlike All-in-One Screen Cleaning Kit

Posted: May 05, 2023
Paperlike All-in-One Screen Cleaning Kit
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Dust and fingerprints, snot and spit, meat grease and hot sauce. All seem to find their way onto the screens of my phone, tablet, e-reader, and laptop. The Paperlike All-in-One Screen Cleaning Kit is a small geometrical tube with big claims of removing it all.

The Screen Cleaning Kit's design, indeed a clever one, wraps a microfiber cloth "skin" around a spray bottle, so the two will always travel together. Paperlike fills the bottle with a "specialized cleaning mixture" made for electronic devices and the dirt, dust, oil, and grime that clings to them. Presumably you can buy more of the solution from Paperlike when the wee amount the bottle holds runs out, or just replace it with another liquid electronics cleaner.

After spritzing your screen with the solution, turn the Screen Cleaning Kit bottle on its side to wipe away the droplets and the debris they've lifted. The bottle then slips back into Paperlike's hard shell casing / carrying container to protect the microfiber cloth, and prevent the sprayer from discharging in your bag or pocket.

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