O3 Pure Ozone Eco Laundry System

Posted: September 30, 2020
O3 Pure Ozone Eco Laundry System
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The O3 Pure Eco Wash is an ozone-generating unit that connects to your existing washer, bringing your dirty clothes a green laundry system that cleans without soap, detergent, or anything resembling a Tide Pod. Best of all, your kids won't try to record themselves eating it!

Haha, sike! They'll definitely make YouTube videos of themselves sucking on the O3 Pure hoses and try to start an Ozone Challenge. And now that most of them are taking virtual classes at home, there will be all the more opportunity to do it. Better keep an eye on them.

Ozone-based laundering systems have been used in commercial settings for years, but are only now starting to see more household play, as technology has allowed for their shrinking and streamlining into viable, cost-effective home installations. The wall-mounted O3 Pure Eco Wash connects to your water supply and washing machine via 2 hoses. Cold water goes in via the first, where the system's ozone generator mixes and diffuses in ozone-converted oxygen (O2 into O3), and then sends the treated water into the washer.

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