My Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher

Posted: December 17, 2017
My Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher
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My Critter Catcher, like the BugZooka Bug Catcher, helps those who don't want to share their personal space with spiders and other creepy crawlies do 2 things: 1) catch the offending insect from approximately 4' away (length of Critter Catcher + average length of human arm); and 2) release it back into its natural habitat without squishing it dead.

I myself have an agreement with spiders that, as long as they are not moving towards me, or in the shower at the same time I am, they can stay. Oh, and they can't have a diameter bigger than my thumb to the first knuckle, or any visible fur. If they violate the agreement, though, it's all Air Jordans and brute force.

But I'd be willing to go a more humane (and less cleanup of dead bug marks) route, and try a Critter Catcher. Of course, if my first attempt at grabbing the spider with its funky wad of bristles failed...Round 2 would be all Air Jordans and brute force.

Critter Catcher use is straightforward. Squeeze the handle to open the bristles, hover them over the offending insect, and then release the handle to close the bristles around it. Repeat the process to free your capture outside. No batteries, or chemicals, required.

In addition to spiders, the Critter Catcher can trap roaches, scorpions, flies, crickets, stink bugs, millipedes, centipedes, wasps, yellow jackets, bees, and moths. The company also makes an Explorer version of the contraption for kids to use to catch, observe, and release bugs outside.

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