Morus Zero Ultra-Fast Portable Clothes Dryer

Posted: August 16, 2022
Morus Zero Ultra-Fast Portable Clothes Dryer
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I don't know when they named it the Morus Zero. Yeah, it's an ultra-fast portable clothes dryer, but it's not so ultra-fast it dries your clothes in zero minutes. It should be called the Morus Fifteen. Which is still impressive, cutting drying time down to 15 minutes, or about 60% faster than conventional tumble dryers.

Morus achieves their fast-drying feat using patented Vacuum+ technology, a configuration that creates a low-pressure environment inside the dryer, forcing water to evaporate faster. I can't help but wonder if part of the Zero's Superman-speed drying abilities aren't also the simple result of its countertop size, smaller drum, and mere 3.3-pound capacity for wet clothes. Shrug. What do I know?

In their defense, Morus also notes that the Zero Clothes Dryer has built-in UV sterilization to kill 99.9% of bacteria, mites, and bad smells during drying, and uses reverse tumble action and an airflow speed of up to 43.5 mph to reduce wrinkles. It's also plug-and-go, so no installation is required. And for a portable clothes dryer, it looks pretty nice.

The Morus Zero weighs in at 28.7 pounds, with dimensions of 16.3" x 20.3" x 19.8". Use it in smaller homes and apartments, your RV, or as a supplement to your primary dryer installed in some scary utility room in the basement.

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