Lov Air Purifier

Posted: February 17, 2023
Lov Air Purifier
$350 - $375
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Germs, dust, and toxins may be in the air, but Lov is in the air too. And this kind of love in the air is strong enough to purify all the germy, dusty, and toxic hate out there. Or at least all that's floating around a single room of your home.

A Dutch design as desirable for its appearance as its use, the Lov Air Purifier is a compact, minimalist attractive oxygen cleanser you can hang on the wall, prop up on a table or the floor, or take with you anywhere in the house during spring cleaning or closet reorganization missions. Its handsome face shape and patterns take their inspiration from nature, leaves in particular, and the unit comes in 3 soft shades to fit with subtlety into any room. The Lov also mounts or sits either vertically or horizontally, giving you plenty of options to find a suitable place to put it.

Inside its 3.1" thick frame, the Lov Air Purifier has the standard carbon, HEPA, and pre-filters for removing fine and large particles alike, plus deodorizing the air. It can filter and recirculate around 6,000 gallons of air per minute.

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