LG Styler Sanitizing & Deodorizing Home Steam Closet

Posted: February 02, 2023
LG Styler Sanitizing & Deodorizing Home Steam Closet
$1,295 - $1,498
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Why stop at wrinkles? The LG Styler Sanitizing & Deodorizing Home Steam Closet will take all the germs, pollens, pet dander, dust, and stench out of your clothes too during a session in its chemical-free hot air chamber. If you've got pants or outerwear - shoes included - damp from rain or snow, the LG Styler's steamy air can dry them for you faster than the rest of the air in your house too.

The LG Styler has a built-in heat pump to create steam that is effective but gentle on clothing, so it's safe for use on items made with leather or cashmere. And while it won't replace dry cleaning, it should give you longer wear time on those items, refreshing and deodorizing anything you've had on your body of food, smoke, perfume, and sweat smells after each use. The unit's interior has an upper rack with hangers, and two bottom shelves.

Sessions in the LG Styler run 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the cycle you select. You can make your choices on the steam closet's touchscreen door, or via LG's ThinQ app.

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