Leifheit Window Cleaning Vacuum

Posted: July 06, 2019
Leifheit Window Cleaning Vacuum
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The Leifheit Click System Window Vacuum Set is a German-engineered tool to make the already delightful job of cleaning windows even more of a gas. (Seriously though, I was in Montreal last weekend and saw a dude on the sidewalk cleaning the top-floor windows of a 4-story building with an extend-a-pole. I won't say the job looked fun, but he definitely had a small crowd gathered to watch him maneuver that thing, which he did like an entry level Cirque du Soleil performer.)

The Leifheit Window Vacuum is a washer-sucker combo whose goal is to leave windows - or any flat glass surface - shining streak-free with less effort. Once windows are wet and washed, you can use the vacuum to draw off the water and suds in all directions, vertical, horizontal, and overhead, without dripping. The Leifheit Click System's suction auto-activates when the vacuum's head is flush against a smooth surface

In addition to windows, you can use Leifheit's window vacuum to clean mirrors, tiles, and shower doors. It is battery-operated, with a rechargeable battery that runs 30 to 45 minutes per charge. The set includes the vacuum unit, an extendable handle, a microfiber cleaning pad, and charger.

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