Joseph Joseph Pocket Folding Ironing Board

Posted: March 03, 2023
Joseph Joseph Pocket Folding Ironing Board
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Joseph Joseph...Joseph. Just because you've made an ironing board fold into a neat little package, hang out of the way on a door or rack in the laundry room, and look kinda snazzy in a gray polka-dotted suit and lemon yellow tie doesn't mean you're gonna be able to make me want to pick up an iron and use the Pocket Folding Ironing Board. Showing a man ironing on the portable board in one of your lifestyle photos won't do it either. Because you see, Joseph Joseph, ironing is a woman's job, and...holy Baby Yoda drawing in the hot fires of hell!

I just got hit in the head with an iron! I think...my wife...threw it at...gaaahhh! Help me, Baby Groot, help me! Another iron! Another hit! When did my wife get two ir- Mama?! Was that you?!

So like I was saying, I'm about to buy one of these Joseph Joseph Pocket Folding Ironing Boards. Because it stores easily, sets up fast and on virtually any surface thanks to a quick release locking toggle and folding legs with non-slip feet, and, most of all, because ironing is nothing if not a man's job.

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