Iron, Man Ironing Board Cover

Posted: April 18, 2014
Iron, Man Ironing Board Cover
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One thing I've never owned is an iron. Not that I'm complaining or consider myself deprived. Owning an iron would probably just make me feel guilty about owning an iron and never using it. I mean, my clothes look great straight out of the clean laundry basket they've been sitting in for 2 weeks. What do I need to bring electricity and heat into the equation for?

Plus, as indicated by this Ironing Man ironing board cover, it clearly takes some honed skills and many hours to iron a shirt. Step-by-step instructions complete with diagrams and "Place collar here"-type demarcations? Psshh. I'd rather not wear clothes than go through all that to make them look socially acceptable. (Whoa, calm down, ladies. I was just speaking in hypotheticals.)

However, if you are as inept as I am when it comes to life's administrative tasks, yet the voices inside your head are telling you to Iron! Iron, man! then who am I to try and talk you out of it? Do it. Buy this cover and dress up your ironing board. Grab a shirt and get to work. Go forth into the night, pressed, crisp, and wrinkle-free.

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