Invisible Glove Protective Hand Coating

Posted: September 18, 2013
Invisible Glove Protective Hand Coating
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My immediate impression is that applying BlueMagic Invisible Glove to my hands would feel like covering them in a thin layer of Elmer's Glue. That thought gives me the willies and makes me want to vomit. Maybe the Invisible part of the Invisible Glove applies both to the eye and the touch, but it's hard to believe anything capable of protecting hands from the penetration of grease, oil, dirt, paint, and chemicals like the acid the dude in the video allegedly pours all down his knuckles has no offensive tactile sensation itself.

Invisible Glove further claims to reject infiltration of foreign substances into pores, cracks, and fingernails, plus improve the wearer's grip on tools. Its application typically endures 3 to 4 hours of use, and washes off with soap and water. The coating comes in especially handy for medical professionals, mechanics, salon stylists, and regular consumers of Cheetos.

If you like getting your hands dirty, but wish your gear--shoes, coat, backpack, bike, windshield--would reject soiling and contamination, check out Never-Wet Liquid Repelling Coating.

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