HEX On Demand+ Spray & Go Gear Cleaner

Posted: April 04, 2017
HEX On Demand+ Spray & Go Gear Cleaner-59

HEX knows the best part of working out is when you can't go right home and throw your sweaty stuff in the laundry or STINKBoss after, so you wad it up in a plastic bag and leave it to roast in your car for the next 8 hours. Let it get nice and ripe. Let it ferment like kimchi. Mmmm, that way the bacterial aromas never quite go away, even after you do wash or deodorize your gear. HEX knows this, and has created its On Demand+ Spray and Go solution to ruin your practice of stink-smoking the family out of the car with rancid basketball shoes and hockey pads, and gagging the girls around you in spin class with thrice-worn bike shorts.

HEX On Demand+ Spray and Go is a portable deodorizer mixed up special for sports apparel, equipment, and footwear. It's a Febreze for bacteria and mildew HEX says will eliminate the stank these culprits grow and fester in your used, damp gear. It's particularly useful for items you can't really throw in the wash, even when the wash is within arm's reach. On Demand+ Spray and Go is free of fragrance and dyes, and contains no optical brighteners.

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