Full Circle Wipe Out Pivoting Head Squeegee

Posted: October 26, 2021
Full Circle Wipe Out Pivoting Head Squeegee
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My wife is a squeegee fiend. A squee. gee. fiend. Sometimes I think she stands outside the bathroom door when I'm showering, just waiting for the moment she hears the water turn off so she can burst in and demand, "Did you squeegee the walls and door?! And the floor?! Don't forget the floor! You know they did a crappy job on this shower installation, putting grout where they were supposed to put caulk, and laying a completely irregular slab, so the base slopes into the corners and sides instead of the drain, so...."

That's the furthest I've gotten in my efforts to listen to her about this particular topic. Usually I just close my ears and stand there with a blank look on my face until she grabs the squeegee and does the fiendish squeegeeing she requires herself. Which, mind you dudes, she'd do anyway even if I tried, since there's no way I would complete the task in line with her standards.

So if you need a gift for a woman who is anything like my She-Ra: Princess of Power, consider Full Circle's Wipe Out Squeegee, an annihilator of built-up moisture and soap scum with a pivoting head that ensures every last droplet is scraped from the surface it clings to, into the abyss of the municipal sewer system where it belongs.

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