Freshcloz Garment Deodorizer

Posted: November 19, 2016
Freshcloz Garment Deodorizer

The Freshcloz Garment Deodorizer is a hanging home dry cleaning kit. Well, partial dry cleaning kit. The ozone-spewing system removes odors and freshens up clothes and other textiles (or even shoes) that might reek of smoke, sweat, or Bengal Tiger madras curry. But it won't remove stains or wrinkles. Still, if you're used to taking sweaters and shirts to the dry cleaners after a single wear just because you spent the evening in a cigar bar or in the company of a deep fryer, Freshcloz can save you a trip and a few bucks.

Hunters are also a Freshcloz target, since the device's ozone technology will eliminate the human stink from your clothes along with 97% of common bacteria and germs. The deer and unicorns will never smell you coming.

The Freshcloz hanging deodorizer pairs with a Freshcloz garment bag to run a 40-minute cycle set to purify as many articles as you can shove in and zip up inside. The device is battery operated and travel friendly, requiring no more attention that pressing the Start button once garments are loaded.

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