Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum

Posted: February 25, 2016
Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum
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Unlike robot vacuum cleaners, the Eye-Vac Home touchless vacuum doesn't follow your cat around all day sucking up the hair he sheds and crumbs he drops from the tunafish sandwiches he makes himself for lunch. Instead, the Eye-Vac sits quietly in the corner of your kitchen, awaiting the awakening of its "magic eye." These infrared sensors activate vacuum inhalation when you sweep debris into its territory, making the Eye-Vac more of an automatic dustbin than a full-on vacuum cleaner.

Eye-Vac Home benefits include faster cleanup of hard floors and the elimination of the bending and scraping...and re-scraping...and forget-it-those-bits-can-just-stay-there that accompany sweeping into a standard dustbin. The Home version has a 1000W motor capable of drawing in dirt, dust, pet hair, litter, and the dry quinoa you accidentally spilled on your girlfriend's kitchen floor even though she told you not to touch it.

In addition to its dustbin duties, the Eye-Vac Home also cleans the surrounding air of dust, allergens, and air born irritants with its HEPA filtration system.

The vacuum compacts and houses swept-up debris in a canister with a "full" indicator to inform you when it's time to empty.

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