Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Self-Righting Vacuum

Posted: September 08, 2016
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Self-Righting Vacuum
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Dyson has always been known for sucking hard and long. And their new Cinetic Big Ball vacuum contains 36 Dyson Cinetic tips that separate the microscopic dust they say clogs other vacuums, and upholds the company's never-lose-suction guarantee. But for me, this canister vacuum's best trick is its ability to self-right when it topples over.

When you're dragging a whirring, vrrroooming machine full of dirt, cat, and girlfriend hair behind you, there is a 100% change you're going to bump it into a wall. Or a chair leg. Or a cat. Or a girlfriend. Rather than stopping, dropping, and halting all cleaning progress until you put down the arm and turn the vacuum upright again, Dyson has designed the Cinetic Big Ball pick its own damn self back up.

This vacuum also eschews filters and bags that get dirty beyond even Pig-Pen's belief for Dyson-engineered dust separation powers and a dirt ejector that pushes out trapped dust and debris as you empty, so you'll never need to touch the dirt. At around $600, here's hoping the Cinetic Big Ball proves to be as grand in action as all Dysons do in investment.

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