Collar Perfect Travel Iron

Posted: April 25, 2016
Collar Perfect Travel Iron
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I had to fly to Austin at 5 in the morning today and I saw a guy in the airport using this thing and I wondered why the Hugo Boss some dude was stapling his collar at the table I wanted to eat my bagel at. And he was like, "Oh, it's not a stapler, it's a portable iron with 6 heat settings. Perfect for any on-the-go ironing needs."

So I guess I wondered that out loud.

It was 5 in the morning.

The Collar Perfect travel iron assists with both quick touchups, as per my airport buddy tidying his button-up, and complete garment ironing. Though I'd guess the latter takes longer than the amount I care about wearing wrinkled clothes. To use as a quick press, clamp down as pictured onto collars, cuffs, creases, and between buttons. For traditional ironing, flip out the Collar Perfect's wings and use its base as a handle.

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