Chinese Takeout Laundry Hamper

Posted: March 18, 2015
Chinese Takeout Laundry Hamper
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Got some aromatic Moo Shu tube socks or accidental Kung Pao pants? Throw 'em in this Chinese takeout box hamper for easy transport to the laundromat and your mama's laundry room alike. The sweet (& sour) take on our favorite way to take away the flavors of the Orient earns further props from the charm department with its front and back designs of folded laundry stacked in the shape of a takeout box's traditional pagoda, and the checked box on top of the "lid" designating the hamper's contents as "Dirty."

Chinese takeout box hampers are soft construction, made of 100% polyester. They measure 24" tall x 19" wide x 16" long at the top, and 15" wide x 13" long at the bottom. Their rope handle has a 14" drop and the top flops close with a hook-and-loop fastener. The hamper includes a bottom support panel and 4 poles, and therefore requires some minimal assembly after opening.

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