Cannabis Killer Candle - Weed Odor Remover

Posted: June 24, 2015
Cannabis Killer Candle - Weed Odor Remover

While weed itself has been pretty well documented to be more of a health booster than a killer, I can't say as much for its aroma. Not always the ideal scent in which to douse your house, particularly when it lingers in the curtains and couch cushions, or rats you out when the police or your mom come over to visit. The Cannabis Killer Candle is a mason jar of soy-blended wax treated with natural odor removers. It has been designed not just to mask, but to eradicate the smell of stanky weed. Light 'er up alongside your own bowl, joint, or vaporizer, and the candle will emit a light, unobtrusive fragrance as its army of canna-bolishers fight back the intruding scent of funk.

The 12-ounce Cannabis Killer Candle will burn for up to 90 hours. Maker Beamer Candle Co. recommends lighting and keeping it lit before, during, and for a while after smoking. For those living in multi-family buildings, cover the door and open the window while weed and candle are ablaze, and your neighbors and landlord will never be the wiser.

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