WaterThrone Skull Toilet

Posted: October 12, 2021
WaterThrone Skull Toilet

A sick skull toilet with LED eyes and a host of smart features called...the WaterThrone? Doesn't really reflect the toilet's sculptural uniqueness, or its creepiness, very well. I would've gone with BoneThrone. The Head of the Dead. No, The Head of John!

But WaterThrone it is, and even the uninspired name can't take much away from the look of a lavatory molded into the shape of a giant skull. And don't forget those glowing eyes, which are only part of the toilet's built-in RGB LED lighting system. A remote control allows squatters to cycle through multiple WaterThrone colors and ambiences. The LEDs are also acoustically responsive. ... Noooo, not to your self-made bodily function noises, to the toilet's connected, hands-free silicone speaker you can pair with your phone or voice assistant to play jams in the john.

But the WaterThrone lights maybe also jump around to loud pees and explosives #2s too. Who needs a gift for sPOOky season?

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