Waterpik Showerpik

Posted: August 28, 2013
Waterpik Showerpik

I just had a childhood flashback. My grandma totally owned and operated one of these hydro-flosser things. But it didn't connect to the shower head like Waterpik's handy Showerpik, it had a reservoir you had to fill, and I guess a tube leading to the reservoir to blast water out of its nozzle, in between my teeth, and along my gum line. I had no idea Grandma was making me use it as an alternative to flossing. I figured she was making me use it to be mean. Like how she fed me braunschweiger sandwiches for years and years and only on my 13th birthday told me braunschweiger is pork liver sausage.

Or maybe that's just when I thought to ask.

According to Waterpik, the Showerpik is an "easy and effective way to floss for those who prefer the convenience of conducting their oral care in the shower." That's nicely put, Waterpik. I hadn't previously considered my preferred setting for oral care activities but, yeah, the shower does sound pretty convenient. In fact, I feel like the shower could be my preferred setting for a whole host of oral activities. Perhaps you could develop some instruments to facilitate and enhance those as well?

The Showerpik installs right next to shower heads to deliver a steady stream of water pressure and pulsation that people who want you to buy a Showerpik say removes up to 99.9% of plaque after a 3-second shot in the targeted area, and is superior to string flossing by a factor of 1.5.

Muchas danke to Drool'd.

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