Vitamin C Filter Shower Head

Posted: July 28, 2021
Vitamin C Filter Shower Head

Perfect. I've been looking for a shower head that also grinds pepper. I just don't sneeze enough while I'm in there. No? Not a suds 'n' season sort of setup here? A water filter? Ohhh, alright then.

Perfect. I've been looking for a shower head that also filters out chlorine and fluoride, and softens hard water. And while they refer to it as a Vitamin C filter shower head, it's the vitamin-enriched filter paired up with 4 types of mineral beads (the "pepper") that gets all of these jobs done, plus emits a "soothing citrus smell" while you're showering.

The Vitamin C filter is replaceable, and the shower head comes with 3 refills. The mineral beads are responsible for removing heavy metals, chlorine, ammonia, rust, and other sediments that cause water to harden. According to the Vitamin C filter shower head's makers, washing up with their design can help dry skin and hair loss.

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