Viking Boat Bathtub

Posted: February 11, 2012
Viking Boat Bathtub

Rub-a-dub-dub meets Rawwwr, I'll eat your face! in Dutch designer Wieki Somers' Viking-inspired cleansing vessel. If St. Olaf ever bathed, this rich and tasteful tub is where he would do it. Made of oak and red cedar, and fittingly entitled "bathboat", only 30 of the nautical odes were fabricated for its limited edition run. Each tub is numbered and signed by Somers, as well as engraved for good luck with whatever seafaring name the captain bestows upon it. Thor, Gunnlaug, and Face-Muncher are all regal and admirable selections.

The Viking boat bathtub measures 24.4 inches high, 76.7 inches long, and 32.6 inches wide. Pricing is available by request from French carrier Galerie Kreo. Which is to say that unless you storm in with spears, axes, and iron helmets, you're not getting a deal.

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