TubShroom Drain Protector

Posted: August 25, 2016
TubShroom Drain Protector
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If my girlfriend's hair is even in the same room as the bathtub drain--no, sometimes if the follicles just sense the drain's presence from the kitchen or the living room--I swear I'm digging a fist-sized nest of her head droppings mixed with my man grime out of it the next time I turn the shower on. What is up with girls who shed worse than golden retrievers?

And if you happen to have a golden retriever you bathe in the tub, I feel sorry for you too.

TubShroom doesn't feel sorry for either us. Instead, it feels like the end of our clogged up problem. In addition to having a sweet name and looking cute as a button (literally; the top looks just like a shirt button) TubShroom inserts into any standard 1-1/2" tub or sink drain and collects up all encroaching hair in a ring around it. Once a TubShroom is in place, you can leave it for weeks before clearing it. The punched silicone design will maintain normal water flow and drainage while you're showering.

TubShroom collects hair around its bottom lip, out of sight. To remove it, pull the Shroom out and use a paper towel to wipe off what it's trapped. And alternative to chemicals and pipe cleaners, TubShroom says it is "guaranteed to catch every single hair every time."

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