TubShark One-Swipe Tub Strainer

Posted: June 16, 2022
$9 - $14
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Strands of hair, sock fuzz still stuck to your feet, and shaved pubes are no match for the teeth of the TubShark, a new one-swipe tub strainer from a coupla dudes tired of using their fingers to pick out hair, fuzz, and pubes from standard tub strainers. The TubShark's novel design endeavors to make this chore a lot less tedious, and a lot, a lot less gross.

The TubShark strainer consists of 2 interlocking pieces that sit inside your tub or shower drain. The top piece has 2 rows of horizontal teeth configured to prevent hair and debris from passing through, while still allowing the free flow of water into the drain. The bottom piece is the remover tool. When you pull out the TubShark after it has made a big catch, use the handle on the remover tool to slide it off the top piece, and it will drag along any hair and gunk with it, right into the trash. The top piece also has an extended handle for lifting the TubShark out of the drain, and for better grip during removal.

One TubShark downside is it isn't super versatile, with a shape and size that fit only traditional round, sunken tub drains. If you have one of those, though, check it out here on Kickstarter through July 8, 2022, and find out if a TubShark can help you take a bite out of your drain-cleaning duties, and attack clogs before they occur.

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