The Poop Knife

Posted: September 17, 2020
The Poop Knife
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The Poop Knife is here to help slice your most delightful doodoo delicacies with the deftness of a sushi chef. Mmmm, this shit's good.

I joke, I joke. And so does the Poop Knife. It might be the best gag gift of 2020, a year when we've all spent way too much time at home sitting on our couches, eating gobs of takeout, and clogging up our toilets.

See, the Poop Knife isn't for slicing and dicing turds for toothsome endeavors, it's for breaking up the big boys to ensure they take a smooth trip down the tubes. A journey through the plumbing pipes that doesn't end with you huffing and puffing at the other end of a plunger.

At 9.8" long, and made with a metal core, the Poop Knife is also a means of caca-clogging prevention that keeps your hand steady and clear of the toilet snakes you're up against.

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