Tandem Shower - DIY Shower Converter Kit

Posted: April 14, 2022
$199 - $249
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A Tandem Shower? That's waaay better than a tandem bike. Or, like, a tandem trip to the art museum. Good on you, Boona, for coming up with a way for my wife and I to spend more quality time together that serves us both well.

A shower converter kit with a DIY installation design, the Tandem Shower by Boona looks to make life with your partner even more sexy and squeaky clean, without the awkwardness of moving around tight spaces, and the perpetual problem of always leaving one of you out in the cold. Because as arousing and romantic as the idea of getting wet and nekkid is, without dual shower heads in the bathroom, showering together ends up being a circus of crammed switches between the stream of hot water pouring overhead, and unpleasant shivers when you're the one left outside of it.

The Tandem Shower is a retrofit product made to turn any single-headed shower into one able to shoot its stream from both ends. Contractors and renovations aren't needed with with system's simple(ish) install process, and even renters can upgrade their unit's shower without damaging components, and with the ability to remove and taken the Tandem Shower with them when they move.

Boona primarily created the Tandem shower because they "see showering together as a way to help nurture and strengthen relationships." But don't forget, joint showering can serve some functional purposes too: efficiency of getting ready in the morning or to go out at night; saving on water heating and consumption; and always having someone on hand to wash your back.

The Tandem Shower consists of a tension rod, a flexible hose, and either one or two custom shower heads. (You have the option of using the shower head you already have as half the pair, or replacing it with one Boona designed especially for the Tandem Shower.) The tension rod and flexible hose allow for installation in most any type and size of shower, with the rod holding the system in place, and the hose extending / retracting to put your shower head(s) at the perfect height.

If you want to learn more about the Tandem Shower, or pledge for one of your own, head over the Boona's Kickstarter campaign through May 17, 2022.

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