SuninX Multi-Functional Infrared Mirror Heater

Posted: February 09, 2020
SuninX Multi-Functional Infrared Mirror Heater

If the bathroom is your best room, the SuninX Infrared Mirror Heater from Infralia is going to make you want to get out of the shower / off the toilet / away from that sexy face looking back at you even less than you already do. This multi-functional mirror is fitted with both infrared and convection heating elements, so it serves equally well as a heater, de-fogger, towel dryer, and medical-grade room sterilizer. SuninX also has integrated ambient LED lighting and Bluetooth speakers.

And, fairest of them all, it's a mirror too. One that comes in two sizes and colors, with optional shelving and towel bar, and that you can mount vertically or horizontally on your wall.

SuninX's infrared heating imparts a gentle but intense warmth to the people and objects around it, while the convection heat kicks in to defog the mirror, and dry towels faster in humid climates. You can also choose the convection setting to use SuninX as a more traditional space heater.

A cold air siphonage system in the mirror enhances its air purifying function, drawing any unwanted particles in the room into its High Voltage Electrostatic Field.

The SuninX comes with a wireless controller, plus has a touchscreen pad on the mirror's surface.

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