Sudski - Shower Beer Holder

Posted: February 07, 2018
Sudski - Shower Beer Holder

Few things are better than getting away from my girlfriend for 15 minutes, and the shower is the perfect place to do that. There are so many things to do in there. Let's add drinking beer to the list. Unfortunately, her hair care products take every last inch of shower shelf space. That's where the Sudski Shower Beer Holder comes into play. Improving on an already perfect combination, the Sudski provides safe harbor keeping the bad suds away from the good.

Drinking in the shower is really a perfect synergy. The shower feels better if you're drinking a cold beer and the cold beer tastes better in the shower. The silicone Sudski securely grips to any glossy surfaces like glass, mirror, marble, metal, tile and laminate using a patented technology. No wall mounts or imminently failing suction cups or adhesives needed.

Also-rans in the Mount Everest of favorite beer drinking activities or combinations are: in a pool, on a boat, during a softball game and in between points of ping pong.

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