SpinX Toilet Cleaning Robot

Posted: November 09, 2017
$198 - $249
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Cleaning the toilet. A chore so crappy that when I was in college my housemates and I agreed to just not do it. Ah the nights of too much tequila and Taco Bell that could have benefitted from the SpinX. A robot that cleans the toilet! A fully automatic knight in shining armor for your shitter!

Just look at SpinX go!

The SpinX is a scrub brush, soap, and dryer system that replaces your existing toilet lid and seat. Press its Go button and RoboJohn will clean both bowl and seat in about 90 seconds. The guts of the contraption store inside the toilet lid cover, and include the robotic brush arm and a series of jets that stream out soapy, and then clear rinsing water. Compressed air from 2 dryers kick in to finish the job off, and dry the seat. It's like taking your toilet through thecar wash.

SpinX uses smart sensors to scan the dimensions of your specific toilet and guide the brush through its scrub route. Once the toilet cleanup wraps, the brush washes itself off with a jet stream and soap, does some fast twirls to dry, and then returns to its compartment under the lid.

SpinX seats have a gentle-closing lid creators say is "sittable" for anyone up to 330 pounds. What types of toilets will it work with? SpinX reports, "If you do not have a square toilet, SpinX will probably fit."

Read more about the SpinX toilet cleaning robot, Kickstarting through December 22, 2017, and pledge for your own here.

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