SinuPulse Nasal Irrigation System

Posted: October 08, 2013
SinuPulse Nasal Irrigation System
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In a way the SinuPulse Nasal Irrigation System is just as gross as Nosefrida the Snotsucker nasal aspirator due to their similar purposes in life: extractors of snot. But in a way it's not because the Nosefrida is intended for parental use in sucking out disease-stricken babies' snot with their mouths, whereas the SinuPulse is for personal use in sucking out (OK, more like irrigating out) your own. With a pulse-powered machine. And we all know that most people have an underlying fascination with, or at least tolerance for, their own bodily fluids. Plus, when it's the height of flu season and I can't breath and my cranium feels like it's about to explode and blowing my nose gives me a big donut hole, yet I still feel a waterfall of tangy, gelatinous fluid flowing down the back of my throat, I don't care what the apparatus is or how it works. I'll do anything to get that shit out of my head.

SinuPulse's Nasal Irrigation System...no, Elite Advanced Nasal Irrigation System...has over 350 reviews with a cumulative 4-1/2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so I'm thinking its rubber-tipped handle will push out some serious mucous secretions and provide unrivaled relief. The system is recommended for sufferers of neck-up-clogging ailments such as sinus headaches, allergies, infections, and post nasal drip. Its Swiss-engineered functionality has been calibrated to issue both a gentle pulsating mist spray for rinsing and moisturizing healthy sinus passageways, and a firehose-style blast during backups.

Nasal Irrigation Systems claim to get the job done in under a minute, and include a 30-day supply of SinuAir powdered saline solution (a prepared salt-water mixture should be added to the tank according to the manufacturer's instructions prior to all rinses or the process will kind of sting and maybe make you choke and feel worse than you did before.)

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