Rinser - The Water Fountain Toothbrush

Posted: June 12, 2012
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My problem is that I'm so busy trying to Think Big that I often forget to Think Rational. Scott Amron obviously does not have this problem. His Rinser Toothbrush, whose tunneled handle serves as a spout that shoots faucet water in a perfect drinking fountain arc for post-brushing swish and spit sessions, is one of the most superbly simple and infinitely useful creations I've seen in months of scouring the Web for stuff that makes me wish I were smart enough to think of it.

In addition to looking rad, Rinser Toothbrushes also eliminate the overflow of disposable cups in the bathroom trash can, as well as replace the glass next to the sink that I only wash when I notice its bottom is covered in a thin film of mold. And, for those times I brush outside my home, no more cracking my head against the faucet during miscalculated duck-and-suck attempts.

Here are some places a toothbrush with a built-in water fountain might be useful:

  • Work
  • The gym
  • Overnight trips to friends' and "friends'" houses
  • Public restrooms encountered on road trips and in airports
  • Parties with a lot of hummus

Though $22 may seem somewhere between slightly pricey and downright obscene for a toothbrush, keep in mind that the Rinser handle has an indefinite serviceable life. Bristle heads snap out for replacement when worn, and though their solo prices aren't quoted on the Amron Website yet, it's unlikely they will be $22 a pop. Also, each Rinser handle order comes with two brush heads.

Rinsers are currently in pre-order phase, with shipment expected beginning November 2012.

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