Puking Grogu Baby Yoda Toothpaste Topper

Posted: March 06, 2021
Puking Grogu Baby Yoda Toothpaste Topper
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Reminding people of vomit has always been a good way to get them to brush their teeth, but it goes a little differently when the Puking Grogu, a 3D-printed Baby Yoda toothpaste topper comes into play. Whereas normally you'd tell someone, "Dude, your breath smells like barf," and they would immediately go brush their teeth in humiliation, here we have the item serving to eliminate the vomit scent - the toothpaste - simulating vomit itself. Vomit spewing from the mouth of the most adorable creature in the galaxy.

The Puking Grogu toothpaste topper will make adults, children, and pets alike dash to the bathroom for a good tooth brushing just to see their neon blue Colgate or Crest oozing out of Baby Yoda like his Nevarro cookies did on The Mandalorian. No Djarin maneuvering them through a...bumpy...dogfight with TIEs required to get Lil' G to upchuck here, though. He'll do it with a squeeze of the toothpaste tube, and you'll be minty fresh and cavity-free.

Puking Grogu Toothpaste Toppers are hand-carved smooth out of the 3D printer, and then hand-painted to add some gloss in the eyes. Each topper comes with 4 threaded cap sizes to ensure your Baby Yoda will fit on your toothpaste brand's tube, and will be able to vomit for months to come without losing his head.

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