PottyMints After-the-Flush Air Freshener Toilet Tablets

Posted: March 11, 2020
PottyMints After-the-Flush Air Freshener Toilet Tablets
$15 - $34
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Every potty has a pooper, that's why you might want to invite PottyMints. Especially if your potty is hosting the whole family, office co-workers, friends sharing your hotel room, and - dundundunnn! - your new girlfriend or boyfriend. PottyMints are self-described "after-the-flush" dissolvable toilet tablets you toss in the toilet bowl to freshen it, and mask a whole olfactory spectrum of doodoo odors for up to 3 flushes thereafter.

PottyMints are more like bathroom sprays than Poo-Pourri, but an alternative to the former that create less of a mess, and are much easier to carry while traveling or on the go. PottyMints come in individually-wrapped pouches, and are safe for the environment, humans, and porcelain gods. The deodorizing bowl divers come in Arancia, Evergreen, and LaFleur scents.

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