Octopus Shower Caddy

Posted: August 22, 2017
Octopus Shower Caddy
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The Octopus Shower Caddy is for all of us and for everywhere. Kids and adults, dorms and McMansion master baths, those whose homes are already filled with cephalopods, and those still bereft of a single one. Look at this adorable organizational tool! It's irresistible!

Formverket's line of Octopus Shower Caddies dangle latex rubber legs with flexible loops that adjust to hold any size / shape of bottle. Each octopus has 8 legs but, mysteriously, is able to hold up to 9 bottles, razors, washcloths, and other bathroom necessities. A loop at the top of their heads attaches the caddy to shower heads or dials.

Formverket points out showering with an octopus is as economical as it is good times: the design allows for affixing bottles upside down so you don't waste a drop of that Axe body wash.

The Octopus Shower Caddy comes in black, red, green, and blue.

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