Magnetic Soap Holder

Posted: October 12, 2016
Magnetic Soap Holder
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Now this looks like some soap beamed straight down from Captain Kirk's bathroom on the Starship Enterprise. It's hovering there in midair because the pyramid base of the holder has telekinetic powers. And also a couple of magnets to help out.

This Taymor soap holder is a freestanding inverted soap dish that dangles your bar of Irish Spring between its fingers above the sink instead of cradling it--and eventually all of its slimy wetness and buildup--in the palm of its hand. Press the magnetic metal disc into your soap, and then latch it onto the reciprocal magnetic underside of the holder. The bar will be easy to grab when you need it, and then drip into the sink when you're done so there's no messy dish of runoff left behind.

The pyramid magnetic soap holder is made from plated steel and has a 3-1/2" diameter base.

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