HUROYAMA Drain Volcano

Posted: February 13, 2020
HUROYAMA Drain Volcano
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Grimy drains clogged with hair and soap scum, and bubbles got you ready to blow? Pop on a HUROYAMA drain volcano and let your water continue to flow fast and free like lava up and over the debris. The strainer traps clogging substances around its base without inhibiting water drainage thanks to a peaked design that keeps it moving through the cavities on the HUROYAMA's summit.

The HUROYAMA drain volcano is made of soft, flexible silicone - so no stubbed toes or loose-LEGO-like screams of you bump or step on it - and installs without tools on a few different types of shower and bathtub drains. A grippy base holds the strainer in place, along with 5mm anchoring legs you can either stick in your drain's holes to provide extra stability, or snip off if they don't fit.

The HUROYAMA also has embedded silver ion particles to help prevent bacteria growth. The Taiwanese design team behind HUROYAMA got their inspiration from Mt. Jade, the tallest mountain in Northeast Asia. They're seeking crowdfunding for the drain volcano on Kickstarter through February 26, 2020.

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